Promotions West is a full-service integrated strategic communications firm specializing in public relations, diversity marketing, health promotions, social marketing, brand development and social media. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with associates in New York City and Washington, DC, we possess a strategic team of professional and creative experts with years of experience in event planning, brand marketing and advertising.

We work with corporate and not for profit clients, small business, government entities and educational organizations. Promotions West displays a wealth of knowledge and expertise in successfully reaching the African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian, and LGBT communities. In addition, we are partnered with African American faith based markets throughout California.


At Promotions West, we do things a little differently than most public relations & marketing firms. We are a diverse, multi-ethnic team of professional marketing practitioners & consultants with a strong desire to achieve success. Promotions West creates strategic marketing community engagement campaigns that affect advocacy, public policy, make an impact, and influence behaviors. All communication efforts are implemented from the ground up perspective involving the target audience and their community in the process.  As an agency on the cutting edge, Promotions West provides the highest level of personal attention to each of its clients with sound, ethical advice.

From the national platform, Promotions West brings a wealth of media relations, public policy, and advertising experience. In the past year, our Managing Director was selected by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, an Executive Office of the President, to manage their youth anti-drug national media campaign, Above the Influence. The campaign focused on digital & social media, advertising, training, national media buys, working with teen celebrities, community partnership and coalition building throughout the United States with youth serving organizations. In addition, Promotions West has worked with Hager Sharp Communications, a DC based agency on a U.S. Treasury Department Direct Deposit media campaign which reduced the number of paper checks being issued, therefore saving the government money.


Mikael Wagner was a featured member of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Mikael Wagner is serving as Project Management Consultant with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Population Health Division.

Mikael Wagner is back from a 2 year assignment with the Office of National Drug Control Policy where he managed a national youth anti-drug media campaign with the White House in Washington, DC.

Promotions West is now providing Social Media planning and management consulting. In addition. we are offering workshops on Cultural Competency & Project Management.

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