Advocacy & Public Policy

Promotions West strives to keep its finger firmly planted on the pulse of the local, regional, national and global communities. We know that movements just don’t happen by chance. The energy involved in creating a successful motion must be well organized with a clear goal. We believe that the best efforts operate through social media networks, strong coalition building, creative partnerships and word of mouth. We involve our clients in a holistic social movement that can influence behaviors and policy to yield the desired outcomes.


Some of our work in the area of advocacy, social justice, social & health equity, race relations, criminal justice, and public policy include: California Cross Cultural Tobacco Control Leadership, AARP, San Francisco Community Land Trust, Center for Infectious Disease Preparedness, Alameda County Public Health, Housing & Economic Rights Advocates, and the Office of Drug Control Policy, an Executive Office of the President.



Mikael Wagner was a featured member of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Mikael Wagner is serving as Project Management Consultant with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Population Health Division.

Mikael Wagner is back from a 2 year assignment with the Office of National Drug Control Policy where he managed a national youth anti-drug media campaign with the White House in Washington, DC.

Promotions West is now providing Social Media planning and management consulting. In addition. we are offering workshops on Cultural Competency & Project Management.

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