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The energetic team of Promotions West consist of a variety of creative individuals with experiences in the areas of  marketing, advertising, celebrity outreach, brand development, account management, social media, strategic planning & counselling, program development, copywriting, project management and media relations.



At Promotions West, no client is too small or too large to receive the best service to reach their goals. Our clients include a mixture of small businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and corporations interested in community engagement and campaign development with priority communities. Our clients are loyal and have been with us for many years.


  • Promotions West is a full-service global strategic communications consulting group specializing in public relations, health promotions, community engagement, public outreach, social marketing, graphic design, campaign development, strategic planning, photography, and training.


  • Promotions West works with corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit clients, government entities, and educational organizations.


  • Promotions West creates strategic marketing and community engagement campaigns that affect advocacy, and public policy, to leave an impact and influence behaviours. All communication strategies are implemented from the ground-up perspective involving the priority audience and their community in the process to achieve success. Always using divergent thinking strategies, the Promotions West team provides the highest level of personal attention to each of its clients with professional and ethical advice.

  • We pride ourselves on using active listening skills to help our clients develop successful campaigns. We listen to what is being said, as well as, hearing what is not being verbalised without being judgmental.


  • On a national level, Promotions West brings a wealth of media relations, public policy, and advertising experience to the table. Our co-founder, Mikael Wagner, served in the administration of President Barack Obama as the Media Policy Analyst with the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Wagner managed Above the Influence, a youth anti-drug national media campaign. The campaign focused on digital and social media, advertising, developing youth anti-drug curricula, media buys, working with teen celebrities and anti-drug spokespeople, and developing national partnerships and coalitions across the United States.

Today, Promotions West is based in Melbourne, Australia providing global consulting.



Melbourne Mobile 0491 768 387 


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