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Crisis Communication & Disaster Planning

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Are you prepared for a disaster? No one ever expects a crisis to occur. Let us develop a crisis communications plan with you and your organization. At Promotions West we start with the right questions to ascertain the best solutions. Strategic thinking and sound planning are the starting poinst for every client seeking to create a contingency plan for the unexpected. We realize the unknown can create fear, but planning creates confidence.

On average, when people are in a stressed state of mind they may lose most of their capacity to think clearly when processing a crisis. In order to succeed, we counsel our clients and colleagues to take a different approach to overcome unexpected issues. First, and most important, listeners judge the messenger. At Promotions West we prepare clients to use honesty when connecting with community stakeholders, no matter how painful the truth may be to hear. In the long run, people appreciate honesty rather than lies and fake information.

High stress can change the rules of communication. It's imperative to have a solid plan during crisis times. Today, negative messages and images are more powerful than positive ones. We are all aware at how fast fake news or data can travel around the world, causing more harm to large communities of people. Often repeating or discussing negative messages will have the effect of reinforcing it during stressful times. Research has taught us that it takes three positive messages to balance every negative message .


We offer our clients:


  • Crisis plan development

  • Media Relations Strategy Development

  • Crisis communications management

  • Stakeholder Participation Planning

  • Spokesperson training and support

  • Social media and blogosphere monitoring

  • Executive Support


Remember, it's not if a crisis will occur, it's when.

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