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Social Marketing

Understanding how your target audience thinks, acts, and feels is at the core of strategic social marketing. Promotions West is well known for developing culturally sensitive campaigns with well tested campaign materials and messages.


We use traditional engagement marketing tools in non-traditional ways to create awareness, inform, interact, call to think, and a call to act while changing behaviours.  While serving as asocial marketing agency for the San Francisco Department of Public Health Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections, the rate of new syphilis cases dramatically declined. With Go Folic, the folic acid campaign reached women between the ages of 14 and 45, creating awareness and a better understanding of folic acid. In the area of HIV/AIDS and African Americans, Promotions West created the Ms. Ellie, Some Secrets Can Kill You campaign targeting African Americans, using a faith-based icon as the role model. As a result, the number of African Americans in San Francisco getting tested for HIV increased. Recently, Wagner worked on a CDC contract to manage Project PrIDE, a program designed to introduce the drug to keep people HIV negative called PrEP. A citywide campaign was created using a variety of media to reach priority communities.


Other related services include ethnographic community research, formative research, message testing, partner development, communication with stakeholders and partners, materials development and distribution, targeted media relations and brand management.

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