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Making a Storyboard For Your Marketing Video

Content marketing is crucial for small businesses these days. Modern culture is a visual one, and if you want to reach new customers (and keep your existing ones), it’s essential to cater to consumers’ interest in video content. Besides, the vast majority of customers prefer to watch videos about products and services over reading about them.

Chances are, this isn’t the first time you’ve looked into incorporating video content in your overarching marketing strategy. And you may even be tempted to create your first video now! However, quality video content requires specific skills and a vision for how the content can boost your brand. That’s where storyboards come in.

A storyboard is a tool video creators use to pre-visualize the shots and sequences in their videos, and it can help you save time and money on video production. The good news is that creating a storyboard for your marketing video is a simple process that anyone can do. Promotions West breaks down the fundamentals:

What Is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is a graphical representation of the shots planned for a video. It’s often used in filmmaking and animations as it helps filmmakers plan out their shots and visualize the overall flow of the story. In recent years, storyboards have become popular among small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to create marketing videos.

The Benefits of Using a Storyboard

There are many benefits to using a storyboard when creating a marketing video. Perhaps the most obvious one is that it helps you save time and money. By planning out your shots ahead of time, you can avoid costly mistakes and expensive reshoots.

In addition, storyboards help you communicate your vision to others involved in the production process (e.g., videographers, editors, graphic designers, etc.). Fostering clear communication will result in a better final product that closely reflects your original vision.

Finally, storyboards help you think through your video flow to ensure you tell a cohesive story. This is particularly crucial for marketing videos, which must be engaging and informative to persuade viewers to take action.

How to Save Money on Video Production

Video production can be expensive, but there are ways to save money without sacrificing quality. For example, you can use royalty-free music or create your own tunes via budget-friendly software like Garageband or Audacity. Better yet, you could take advantage of royalty-free stock footage for your video. All you have to do is purchase a low-cost subscription to gain access to a range of HD video content.

Another option is to hire a student videographer from a local college or university. They might do the project for free (or for a nominal fee) to get the experience.

Writing a Script

Your video script is essential to ensuring a smooth video production process, so you want it to be as thorough and helpful as possible. Determine the purpose of your video and who your target audience is, and then start brainstorming ideas for your video’s storyline.

The ultimate goal of your script is to guide your team to communicate the message you envision through your marketing video. Don’t rush this step!

How to Structure Your Storyboard

After writing your script, you’ll be ready to put together your storyboard. Start by sketching out each scene or frame that will appear in your video; don’t worry about being too detailed at this stage—focus on getting all of your ideas down on paper. Once you’ve completed all your sketches, begin adding notes next to each one that describes the actions that need to happen and any dialogue that should be included.


Creating a storyboard for your marketing video is a simple process that you can do, regardless of your experience in video production or content marketing. Remember to investigate royalty-free footage and follow the other steps detailed above. You’ll achieve a high-quality HD video that builds brand awareness and helps position your company for long-term success!

Special thanks to Vivek Mukherjee, an entrepreneur and business consultant for writing this amazing article. He created to help other immigrants to the United States achieve their dreams of starting and running a business. offers comprehensive tips, advice, and resources on how to start and grow a business as an immigrant in the United States.

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